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Danoners’ mini-football championship

“DWC”: more than just football

There are not so many companies in the world, that have their own football teams and corporate events. And only Danone has its own corporate sport accessible to all employees, and the championship, which involves everyone who wants to play football and to become a part of one of the biggest company’s events.

“Danoners World Cup” is a sporting event for Danone Group employees throughout the world, which was founded in 2007 and is held every two years. This unique event brings together all football fans, and aims to strengthening the feeling of belonging, to create festive atmosphere and involve employees around the world in a common cause.

“DWC” championship is directly related to the values of the Danone Group and, of course, entirely consistent with the concept “Love3”. This event is in line with Danone's corporate culture and plays an important role in the growing internationalization of the Group, which triggers the creation of a new "unified" Danone culture. Mission of “Danoners World Cup” is to convince all the players that taking part in sports competitions and staying in a good mood are the necessary components of a healthy lifestyle, as well as to evaluate the Company's love for its employees and to share their feelings.

How it all started?

In 2000 more than 40 countries were represented at the championships and more than 10000 people took part in the competition as parts of 1000 teams. 900 qualifying matches were held and more than 7000 minutes were devoted to sports. These figures are the best proof that “Danoners World Cup” is a really important event for Danone Group.

It should be noted that “Danoners World Cup” is an initiative of the Group, which is held specifically for employees and exists only through the activity of Danoners.

In 2004 the fifth anniversary game was held. And every year the number of male and female teams that take part in this grand event is growing. To celebrate the fifth season of the game and to get together as many people of the Group as possible, we decided to change the structure of the games. Previously all the competitions were held in three stages. In each country at national tournaments the winning teams, which then came to the continental tournaments in Europe, North and South America, Asia were determined. The winners of continental qualifying games met at the World Tournament, where the strongest Danoners got their fame and prizes.

In 2006 we decided not to hold a continental tournaments to give the winners of national games the opportunity to get together at the World Championships. However, apart from the responsibility to represent their country at a sporting event in the framework of the world championship, the team had to show themselves in a variety of creative competitions. For example, to present one of the Danone Group values with any direction of creativity and any visual means. Therefore, the teams not only trained, but also rehearsed.

DWC 2014: What was it like?

In June 2014 another championship occurred in Paris. 800 participants from different countries met on June, 28th-29th in a friendly match in the famous training center of the French national team – Clairefontaine, near Paris.

For Ukrainian teams “DWC 2014” was more than just good. Our unit was represented by three teams: men's and mixed teams “Danone Dnipro” from Kherson and women's team from Kremenchug.

Women's team played 6 games in which demonstrated a good level of preparation and fair play.

According to the results of the first day, a mixed team from Kherson played 4 games and won 2nd place in the standings among 26 teams. On the second day, June 29, the team played 2 more matches and advanced to the playoffs, where they met with the Swedish national team and lost on penalties to 3:2.

The men's team from Kherson was even closer to victory. After 6 qualifying competitions (4 wins, 2 draws) the team played with the «EVX»** team and won with a score of 1:0. In the quarterfinals the men's team met England, which literally at the last minute scored the goal to win. The final score was 1:0. In the end, the men's team of Ukraine took 6th out of 34 places in the standings. And this is a significant achievement.

The next championship is scheduled for 2016, and now all Danoners are preparing for a competition and look forward to the announcement of the country and the city that will host the finalists.

* Cluster - a system of organization of territorial divisions of Danone in Europe in order to optimize operating costs and centralize the processes.

** “EVX” («Evian Volvic Export») - a unique virtual international business organization, which develops and manages international brands of mineral water («Evian», «Badoit», «Volvic») in more than 110 countries. This is one of the most culturally-diverse units of Danone, in which there are 50 people of 18 nationalities from 8 countries.

Danoners’ mini-football championship Danoners’ mini-football championship Danoners’ mini-football championship Danoners’ mini-football championship