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Our culture

Our culture
Danone Ukraine’s priority - is, on the one hand, the development of our employees, and on the other - safety of their work.
We truly believe that everyone can be a leader, no matter what position he holds. The main thing is to be active, open and responsible. That is why we believe in the philosophy of our own leadership - CODE Danone Leadership (Committed, Open, Empowered, Doer).
CODE Danone Leadership is a clearly defined components, corresponding to the values of Danone and helping us to develop as leaders, to build teams and significantly improve our business.
Danone leaders are committed to ambitious future, open to learn and are willing to share their knowledge with others. Our leaders are effective people who will quickly achieve results through empowerment and development of people.

Our daily task is to show that we are creating opportunities that is not "real" by definition. Work with us always means team game, the ability to listen sincerely and provide useful feedback. That's what makes our work successful.

Everyone who takes the time to learn and develop in our company, demonstrates breakthrough achievement.
Taking care of our people, we have implemented the WISE program (abbreviated from the English "work in safe environment").
Three main principles of WISE are as follows:

1. All accidents can be prevented. Zero accidents is an achievable goal .
2. You need to change people's behavior, as 96% of accidents are caused by dangerous actions.
3. The basis of safety culture is the active involvement of everyone.
We have made significant progress in the dissemination of safety culture, and now when people do not worry about their safety, they can devote their body and soul to self-perfection.
We all know that future is being created today and is dependent on our specific actions at this very moment!