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Our values

ценностиDanone Global Mission is based on four essential values: humanism, openness, proximity, enthusiasm.

Humanism is participation, responsibility and respect for Person
In relations with our employees and partners, we support the value of transparent dialogue and commitment to participate in the profits and commission agreements. Responsibility is embodied in our concern for industrial and product safety through participation in public life and environmental protection.   

Openness is curiosity and esprit
We appreciate and encourage our employees in their energy, cheerfulness, flexibility and pursuit of new knowledge. Qualities such as quick wit, initiative and willingness to take responsibility guarantee their development and career growth.

Proximity is availability, trust, empathy
 We are convinced that an informal, unconstrained style of management is the most effective. It is essential to live in such a way for people to know you trust them and expect their trust in response. Empathy is applied to work and means such humane relations with consumers and suppliers that could go beyond the purchase and sales mechanism.    
Enthusiasm is passion for achievements, eagerness to overcome difficulties
Of course, there are certain rules and regulations in our company, but we do our best to reduce the proportion of red tape, giving employees the right to act independently, to take reasonable risks and to make new, innovative decisions. The lack of fear and prejudice, the ability to withstand setbacks and overcome challenges always bring results.