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Rastishka Yogurts – is a series of natural fermented milk products for children of preschool and school age, which. are made with the fresh milk from Ukrainian cows. We fortify each yogurt with calcium to strengthen children’s bones during an active growth phase, as well as vitamin D3 complex helping growing bodies take in more calcium and phosphorus for building a healthier skeleton. Your kid will discover that healthy diet can be entertaining, as there are so many fun things awaiting him in each pack: colorful magnets, adventures of Dino the dinosaur and many more.
  • Calcium and D3 vitamin Calcium and D3 vitamin

    Contains calcium and D3 vitamin necessary for healthy bone growth

  • Fresh dairy products Fresh dairy products

    Made from fresh dairy products which are an integral part of the child's diet

  • Interesting learning games Interesting learning games

    Education your children with the help of interesting and fun learning games

Yogurt drinks

200 gr.

  • Yogurt drinks Peach-apricot


  • Yogurt drinks Strawberry


Thick Yogurt

115 gr.

  • Thick Yogurt Cherry-wild cherry

    Cherry-wild cherry

  • Thick Yogurt Raspberries


  • Thick Yogurt Apple-pear


  • Thick Yogurt Peach


  • Thick Yogurt Banana


  • Thick Yogurt Strawberry


Yogurt with topper

  • Yogurt with topper With Strawberry topper

    With Strawberry topper

  • Yogurt with topper With Banana topper

    With Banana topper