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Kremenchug gormolokozavod, Kremenchug

JSC Kremenchuk dairy plant is a plant with the greatest history


The plant was founded in 1929 and processed then 600 tons of milk per year. In 1986 the reconstruction with new production grounds and boiler room establishment was carried out, capacity increased to 180 thousand tons per year. Production of whole milk, ice cream, powdered milk, butter, cottage cheese started. Since 1999 the plant has\d the major reorganization and modernization of the production: new lines for the production of dry milk, ice cream, glazed cheese curds appeared. In 2004 here, for the first time in Ukraine, production of milk in PET bottles started. In 2010 the integration of Unimilk and Danone began. And in 2011 the joint company “Danone-Unimilk” resumes work on the reconstruction within the first launching complex.

Today 330 employees work at the plant in Kremenchuk, and the actual power of production of milk, butter and lactic-acid products is 50 000 tons per year. 30 SKU in a production line.