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Danone products producing

Development of production technology and improvement of equipment are essential components of successful work performed by dairy processing enterprises. It seems easy, but today not everyone can guarantee quality and safety of their product. By regarding results of many scientific works and researches on safety and food value of each product and its ingredients, using our experience, knowledge and love, we produce a high-quality, useful and delicious product. Our biggest achievement is nothing more or less than our consumer's loyalty.  


Making dairy products, we deal with microorganisms, a complex, sensitive food system of milk, and a set of necessary technological operations.   


One of the most important stages is arrival of milk to the plant and its initial processing there - milk is being cooled to the storage temperature and filtered. Properly cooled milk is the base of high-quality products. Then, by means of separation, we separate milk into two fractions: skimmed milk and cream, which are used in different proportions in order to make products with different milk fat percentage. After separation, skimmed milk and cream are processed thermally. This stage is very important in terms of product safety, for it kills all negative micro flora. Also, milk is de-aired of gas admixtures, fodder smell, and other kinds of smells that come from milking at farms.


Then we mix all necessary ingredients according to proportions. Milk mixture goes through a number of technologically important operations, which not only prepare the product for ripening, but also shape taste features of every product. These are pasteurisation, homogenisation, and cooling to fermentation temperature.


Pasteurisation means thermal processing of the mixture under high temperatures for several minutes. It helps to prepare milk for fermentation and coagulation, and also kills the remaining negative microorganisms.


Homogenisation breaks up milk fat balls into small parts, shapes organoleptic characteristics and consistency of the product. Then milk mixture is cooled to ripening temperature and added with starter culture.


Danone applies unique system of starter culture adding. This method ensures impermeability. All production lines keep products from contact with environment, which means that they protect the product from negative microflora whose impact can spoil the product.  


Ready fermented product is characterized by a dense cluster of milk, which is a result of the growth and development of the lactic microflora. The curd is stirred and cooled to a certain temperature, ready to be filled in the product.


All lines packaging are hi-tech, hermetic, and fully protect of the product from the surrounding environment, and therefore protect it from negative microflora infection and subsequent damage.


Ingredients used for production have beneficial properties whose nature is controlled by the producers at all stages; from growing and harvesting to delivery at Danone.

The basic principle of the company is manufacturing a safe, high-quality product. To do so, we have implemented a system of continuous quality control and a number of mandatory measures to ensure purity and sterility of production equipment.


Remember that before the product reaches the store shelves, is it being put through quarantine, a time when it is tested to meet our requirements for quality and safety. The only way of mold and other negative microorganisms getting in the product is damaged packaging during shipment of the product with a simultaneous violation of temperature storage.


And rest assured that absolutely all statements and declarations of useful properties of our products scientifically-based and supported by dozens of studies.