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Danone quality system

Quality and safety of Danone products are checked at all production stages; from milk procurement to ready products on the shelves.


1. Strict control of milk quality is performed both at the moment of purchasing and at the entrance to the plant


-       Tests are carried out at the moment of purchasing, and cooling lines are used to provide necessary temperature regime for milk (max 6ºС), moving from a cow to the plant helping to preserve the high quality of milk.

-       When milk arrives to production, quality managers monitor whether its quality is proper. This stage involves more complex tests, which can detect even the smallest deviation from the Danone quality standard. Absence of antibiotics in milk is treated with special concern.

-       Purity of milk and proper temperature regime are the essence of production. They ensure high quality and long-term shelf-life of the product.  


2. Raw material (starter, fruit filling) and packaging control


-       Raw material doesn’t contain any food additives or colouring agents. 

-       Fruit fillings are prepared exceptionally for Danone by the company, which globally cooperates with Danone.

-       All components are specified on packaging. Packaging is also a very important element that ensures quality. Our packaging meets Danone all quality standards and has corresponding quality certificates.


3. During the production, food safety parameters, time and temperature of pasteurisation and ripening are treated with special attention


-       The plant has modern closed production lines, which create an environment, isolated from external influence. The plant laboratory together with modern technologies enables us to preserve what was created by Nature, and deliver it to the consumer.


4. While packaging a ready product, its organoleptic characteristics are being checked. 


5. Before a ready product is delivered to a consumer, we additionally check 10 physical, chemical, and microbiological characteristics.

6. Danone constantly monitors quality of products on the shelves (storage conditions check).