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Danone safety system

In 2004, Groupe Danone made a decision to set up unified requirements for workplace safety management at Danone productions all over the world. This is WISE was founded.
WISE is based on DuPont approaches. DuPont has over 200 years of experience in workplace safety management. This company is now a consultant to Danone in workplace safety management and efficiency assessment. 

WISE principles are safety principles.
WISE is focused on the following principles:
  • Visible management loyalty
  • Workplace safety policies
  • High safety standards
  • Ambitious goals and tasks
  • Personnel support in WS
  • Responsibility of linear management
  • Security system
  • Motivation
  • Effective communication
  • Training
  • Accident investigation
  • Supervision/auditing
  • Contractors
Visible management loyalty is a core principle, a fundament that draws together all parts of mosaic. 

WISE Results

WISE proved its efficiency. Frequency Rate has been reduced by over 47 % in 5 years.   


Implementation of WISE at the Kherson factory started in 2009.  

The following steps were taken:

  • Safety Committee that coordinates introduction of WISE created.
  • Danone Dnipro safety principles formulated, with a distinct purpose to have zero frequency rate and ways to achieve it. Document signed by the factory's Managing Director, Department Heads, and every employee; contains mutual obligations on safety at the factory.
  • Safety Meetings in departments launched, during which employees can discuss most crucial safety problems.
  • Regular safety audits carried out by managers within their departments' areas of responsibility.
  • Based on information from the Safety Meetings, Department Heads started to monitor action plans on labour safety in the departments.
  • Introduction of safety management efficiency.



WISE efficiency is assessed by Danone Group based on regular WISEaudits carried out jointly both by internal Groupe Danone and DuPont auditors.