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Social responsibility

Danone And The World Around Us

In Ukraine, as well as in the rest of the world, our mission is not only to produce healthy products, but to promote healthy lifestyle and take care about our consumers' health. Here are 5 key projects that help us actively move towards that goal:
  • Excursions to Danone factories

    What distinguishes "Danone" from other FMCG companies? We do not just produce a healthy product and take care of sales and profits, we do it with love because we put on the top a concern of consumers. The best way to demonstrate their anxiety and raise confidence is to take a look into the most intimate, such as showing how exactly the product is produced.

  • Environmental care

    A clean place is not where someone tidies, but where no one dirties. To minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, Danone constantly upgrades its manufacture around the world. Preserve the ecosystem Quality of products, which are manufactured by Danone depends on the quality of raw materials and the whole ecosystems, so our mission is to protect the environment.

  • Cooperatives and family farms

    The main objective of Danone is to bring health through food. In addition to this, our company strives to make a contribution to the national economy, improve the quality and length of life of our citizens. "A company only exists and lasts because it creates value for the whole of society (…) a company’s raison d’être is its social usefulness.

  • Danone Nations Cup

    It is the largest children's football world championship, which involves children at the age of 10 to 12 years from 45 countries! Every year the winners of the national games in each of the countries represent their country at the finals of the Cup, which takes place at the most famous stadiums in the world: 2010 - Orlando, South Africa; 2011 - Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, Spain; 2012 - The National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland; 2013 - Stadium Wembley, England. Danone is the founder and organizer of this championships all over the world, in every country where our products arebeing sold.

  • Run With Credit To The Heart

    «Пробіг з вірою в серці» - всеукраїнська благодійна ініціатива компанії «Данон» в Україні, яка була реалізована з 2010 по 2016 рік. Ініціатива була спрямована на допомогу дітям із кардіологічними захворюваннями шляхом придбання необхідного медичного обладнання для діагностики та лікування у лікарнях міст України.Вперше «Пробіг з вірою в серці» був організований у Херсоні.

  • Three dairy products per day

    Human health is 30% determined by the food quality, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies has already resulted in Ukrainians having 5 to 10 years shorter life expectancy than EU citizens. Developing healthy food practices - such as an increased intake of dairy products reach in calcium, magnesium, potassium and nutrients - may help Ukraine overcome the gap.