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Excursions to Danone factories

Excursions to Danone factories

What distinguishes "Danone" from other FMCG companies? We do not just produce a healthy product and take care of sales and profits, we do it with love because we put on the top a concern of consumers. The best way to demonstrate their anxiety and raise confidence is to take a look into the most intimate, such as showing how exactly the product is produced. The product that is healthy and tasty. Let’s go at the company "Danone"!

Factory "Danone Dnipro" is located in Kherson. It is always open to you. Our guests can go to the factory and see how the tasty and useful products "Danone" are produced. They can also  find out a lot about the importance of regular consumption of dairy products and then even taste some. There is a great opportunity for children to visit their favorite Dino, Matroskin, Tyoma’s home!

How are organised the trips to the factories "Danone"?

Initially, the group are brought together in the main building, where each tourists equip as expected - clothing and footwear, headgear required - without this move by dairy is prohibited. Even a small hit of bacteria from the environment can affect the quality of products, especially baby food, as small children are very vulnerable. Ladies are asked to take off jewelry. It is put in the special containers during the tour. Guests ready to move on to the first space.

There is a smell of fresh milk from the doorway . That's only the milk is not visible. It is stored in the large metal tanks, called “tanky”. A lot of processes as pasteurization, regeneration, cooling are held in the complete isolation from the environment. Milk has a high quality, thanks to the process of moving from one tank to another through the pipes.

There are the colorful rolls with the popular product pictures in the next room. One of these rolls is spinning in the apparatus that turns the colorful plastic tape to packages of milk easily.

The tour is over in such way. It should be added that children's and adult products are closely monitored at all stages of preparation. The laboratory experts check consistency, ph-balance ratio of fat, protein and other beneficial components in cheese, yogurt and milk, that is why products "Danone" is tasty.

There is opened the informational and educational pavilion Danone "The Way of Milk" for residents of Kyiv. We wait here the young engineers who will be able to contribute to all stages of production, from milk collection to final product packaging and getting it on the supermarket shelf! Pavilion #11 ENEA. Work hours: Friday: 15:00 - 19:00, Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 - 18:00. Free entrance. If you have questions, write to the tour group email: .   or call + 38067 467 38 66.
There is opened the factory Danone in the children's city trades "KidsWill" in Kiev. It is located in the shopping center "ART Mall”. More details : .