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Environmental care

Environmental care
A clean place is not where someone tidies, but where no one dirties. To minimize the impact of its activities on the environment, Danone constantly upgrades its manufacture around the world.
Preserve the ecosystem
Quality of products, which are manufactured by Danone depends on the quality of raw materials and the whole ecosystems, so our mission is to protect the environment.
For example, milk quality depends on the health of the cows, which depends on their feed and their living conditions: the more varied and the closer to grazing their feed is, the more nutritional the milk produced will be, with a balanced composition. Milk is the soul of all our products.
Moreover the quality of water we use also depends on the environment. Protecting the ecosystem, we protect the quality of our products.
Nowadays, the policy of preserving biodiversity implemented by Danone is structured around three main orientations:
 - Decreasing Danone's impact on operating sites.
- Preserving biodiversity and reducing Danone's impact on the major ecosystems that the raw materials used by the group come from.
- Support for initiatives carried out by international organizations aimed at restoring ecosystems.
Carbon Footprint
 Above and beyond responsibility for its factories, the group has committed itself to reducing its CO2 footprint per kg by 30% by 2012. Danone has developed its own specific tool in order to assess its carbon footprint: Danprint. This new tool measures the CO2 upstream and downstream from all of the group's business lines.
So, the responsibility of a business does not stop at the factory gates or the office door. By consuming energy and raw materials, businesses change the face of our planet. The public will never let us forget our responsibilities.