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Veselyj Pastushok

Dairy products Veselyj Pastushok are made only of  home whole milk, that is why kefir, riazhenka, sour cream Veselyj Pastushok are so natural and good for your health.

Veselyj Pastushok became the brand of Danone in 2006 after acquisition of the plant Rodych in Kherson. Fermented dairy products of this brand are favourite dairy products of people in the South of Ukraine. 

Veselyj Pastushok - are favourite dairy products, made with care.
Danone Dnipro plant, Kherson
Danone Dnipro plant, Kherson

After purchasing Rodich Factory in 2006, Danone completely reconstructed and modernized it according to Danone's worldwide standards. Today, Danone Dnipro's production capacities enable us to make thin and dessert yogurts, sour cream, milk, kefir, and fermented baked milk under the brands of Veselyi Pastushok, Zhyvynka, Activia, Danissimo, Rastishka. Over 30% of products sold in Ukraine are made at Danone Dnipro. The production process satisfies the highest quality standards. Today Kherson Danone Dnipro is a real word-class Danone plant.