We would like to present to you a virtual tour of our manufacturing site, which is available in two options: video and interactive VR mode. This is the first online tour of a food manufacturing facility in Ukraine.

Via this virtual tour, from now on everyone can personally travel the path of milk, starting from its production on the farm to its transformation into one's favorite dairy product.

While watching, you will not only learn about the entire manufacturing cycle that goods undergo to become the end product, but also discover a lot of interesting facts about the history and specifics related to various dairy products manufacturing processes.
Our virtual sightseeing tour is packed with educational elements that can be of equal interest to both children and adults. And due to the new virtual format, you can visit our farm or factory from any point on the map.

Watching our sightseeing tour does not require any additional registration, as it is available at a link to the video posted on YouTube platform. The video can be displayed in a 360-degree panoramic mode. And if you watch the tour using VR or Cardboard glasses in a virtual reality mode (VR mode) you will experience the presence effect.